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Gynecological vaginal laser therapy is a modern and safe method to treat common and unpleasant complaints in the female genital tract gently and without side effects.

How does laser therapy work?

Juliet laser therapy is based on the targeted application of laser energy to treat specific gynecological problems.

By precisely controlling the laser, tissue is stimulated, regenerated or modified to achieve positive effects on various gynecological complaints.


  • Length of time

    Approx. 20 minutes

  • Frequency

    3 to 5 sessions 4-6 weeks apart

  • Treatment

    No anesthesia. Local anesthesia with cream. No downtime

  • Price

    Approximately €350-400 per session. Private health insurance companies cover the costs.

That's what our female patients say

  • Thanks to laser therapy, my dry vagina is finally gone. My quality of life is much better.

    St. Berit
  • After I had breast cancer, I was not allowed to take hormones to treat my vaginal mucous membranes. Juliet therapy helped me a lot. Thanks also to the friendly team.

    Lucia N.
  • Unfortunately, my lichen sclerosus was diagnosed far too late. In order to reduce my need for cortisone, I had laser therapy with Dr Herold, and I am thrilled. No comparison to before.

    Roswitha M.
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When is vaginal laser therapy used?

Vaginal dryness, burning and itching (atrophy)

Menopausal women often experience a range of symptoms, including vaginal dryness, itching, pain during intercourse, decreased libido and reduced elasticity and tone of the vagina. This condition is also described as vaginal atrophy and is called "Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause" (GSM).

Urinary incontinence

Stress incontinence is a type of urinary incontinence caused by loss of supportive support of the urethra, usually the result of damage to the supporting structures in the pelvic area - often after one or more deliveries. This is characterized by the leakage of small amounts of urine during physical activities that increase pressure in the abdominal cavity, such as coughing, sneezing and laughing.

Pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia)

Pain during intercourse in women of all ages.

Lichen sclerosus (an autoimmune disease)

This is a chronic, inflammatory disease of the genitals that can lead to keratinization and regression of the skin. Itching and burning are particularly common. Laser treatment can usually provide significant relief from the symptoms.

Frequent urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections can affect all women. If e.g. B. If the estrogen level drops, the pH value of the vagina can move into the alkaline range. An increased pH makes the vagina more susceptible to urinary tract infections. Thanks to laser therapy, vascularization and the production of collagen and elastin are stimulated. This causes lactobacilli to multiply, creating an acidic vaginal environment. This can be of great benefit to postmenopausal women who suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections.

dilated vagina after birth (relaxation syndrome)

Vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS) is the impairment of the optimal structural structure of the vagina. This is generally associated with the aging process and is particularly caused by childbirth. When vaginal relaxation develops, the vaginal skin becomes loose, which is reflected in reduced tone, strength, control and support. This can lead to impaired sexual satisfaction.

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