Curriculum Vitae Dr Ellen Soukup

Female medical specialist for gynaecology and obstetric

Married, mother of 2 children


Studied human medicine at the Phillips University of Marburg and at the Technical University of Munich

Medical activity

Assistant doctor at the Rosenheim Clinic and the Munich West Women’s Clinic

Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics since 2011

Since 2013, working in several gynecology and obstetrics practices in Munich

Since 2023 working for Dr. Hannes Herold


Promotion to Dr. med: “Patterns of recurrence in locally advanced Barrett’s carcinoma with special consideration of neoadjuvant therapy concepts” (Prof. Dr. med. J.R. Siewert and PD Dr. med. J. Theisen)

Special skills:

Psychosomatic basic care

Special ultrasound of the female genitals with Doppler sonography

Special malformation diagnostics and Doppler sonography during pregnancy

Breast ultrasound

Anti-aging medicine with injections (Botox and hyaluronic acid)